Honest Beauty 

I’m super excited about the Honest Beauty products.  I’ve tried many of them, and I love them ALL… but today I’m talking about the replenishing mist.  I use it throughout the day, starting in the morning before I put on my makeup.  This gives my skin a nice hyderated feel and the smell is wonderful.  I use it again as needed, usually in the afternoon right before I touch up my makeup. It seems to just perk me up, and the moisture is great for my skin.  A couple of spritz is all that’s needed.  This product is so great because it can be sprayed on before you put on makeup, or after you put on makeup.  Either way the benefits are the same.  The Honest Beauty products are all natural, so I know my face is being treated well.  I would highly recommend this product, it’s a favorite of mine now….and definitely one I can’t live without!!


My obsession with fashion is real. I love buying new clothes and being able to sell the things I no longer wear. Poshmark has allowed me to do that and I’m always shocked at the deals I come across… for example, today I received my Tory Burch flip flops in the mail. They were brand new (never worn) and I paid $10 for them. That’s a total steal! I’ve also scored on sunglasses, purses, wallets, jewelry and all kinds of other loot. If you love name brand items for CHEAP as much as I do, check out Poshmark! Also, I have my own personal page. Check it out… I look at reasonable offers on all my items, and I have some really cool things.😊Here’s the link!


Kent Stetson 

Kent Stetson designs some amazingly unique handbags. This Nocturne print clutch bag really caught my eye. I love the design on it because it’s one of a kind, and I know it’s something NOBODY else will have! This bag is truly a piece of art, signed by the artist, and its for sale on my Poshmark page at a great price…and yes, I always look at offers! Go check this beauty out!

Roden + Fields Lash Boost

When I first heard of lash boost by Rodan + Fields I was nervous to give it a try.  Even though I had heard only good things about the product, I thought to myself… my eye lashes aren’t bad, so why try it.  Well,  I’m glad I did.  After about 8 weeks, my lashes  are way LONGER and FULLER. I have gotten to the point that I’m so impressed, I go mascara free, which is something I would have NEVER done before.  This product really does deliver on every level.  I apply it at night after I wash my face. Just a quick swipe across the upper lash line (the same way you’d apply liquid mascara) and I also put some on my lower lash line.  It dries quickly and has no smell to it.  I would defiantly recommend purchasing it.  It’s a little pricy, but the results are so impressive I feel it’s totally worth the money.  So that’s my review on Lash Boost! You can it purchase from Roden + Fields website!

Kitchen buffet!

This metal buffet cart in my kitchen is awesome for storing extra plates, bowls, platters… I also love styling the top. I constantly change the decor to go along with the seasons! Most of the time I keep it simple looking.  Adding the fun mirror really dressed up the wall, and it’s one of my favorite areas in my house!  The buffet table is from World Market, mirror is from Hobby Lobby, big glass bottle is from Home Goods… other knic-knacks Goodwill! Just FYI…I practically live at goodwill.😊

Styling my coffee table

When styling my coffee table I like to keep it simple. Today I utilized some old vintage books, as a platform for my covered tray.  Inside of the tray I have succulents and candles. The combination of items is unique and fun…and I’m having a blast being creative!  I keep a large woven tray in the center of the table, to help keep everything in place, and I love the texture it brings to the space!  

What am I even doing?

I have been obsessed with some of these farmhouse bloggers, decorators, and designers lately.  I love how they can just throw together and style a room and consistently keep it going, drawing me back in to see what they’ve done next.  I don’t have a vintage farmhouse and I don’t have nearly the decor or style most of them have,  but I’m learning.  It’s something I really love and I think I can be good at it.  Re-painting old frames or vases and being creative with styling is my thing,…though as I’m decorating, I often wonder “what am I even doing?”…I’m always pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  So I’ve decided to step out my comfort zone (of being anti-social 😜) and document some of my little creations.  I’m a goodwill addict…I found this plant stand, painted it with a chippy look, added a cute metal flower pot, and these pretty white flowers (I have no clue what kind of flowers they are …see I’m still learning) and $5 later, this is what I have.  I love it!❤️


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