Kitchen buffet!

This metal buffet cart in my kitchen is awesome for storing extra plates, bowls, platters… I also love styling the top. I constantly change the decor to go along with the seasons! Most of the time I keep it simple looking.  Adding the fun mirror really dressed up the wall, and it’s one of my favorite areas in my house!  The buffet table is from World Market, mirror is from Hobby Lobby, big glass bottle is from Home Goods… other knic-knacks Goodwill! Just FYI…I practically live at goodwill.ūüėä

Author: The cute thrifty girl

Bargain shopping addict. I live for thrift stores and old vintage items. Chippy and unique are my fave! I'm learning different styling trends and loving it. I'm a poshmark freak... I sell and buy, because I just love a good bargain!

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