Roden + Fields Lash Boost

When I first heard of lash boost by Rodan + Fields I was nervous to give it a try.  Even though I had heard only good things about the product, I thought to myself… my eye lashes aren’t bad, so why try it.  Well,  I’m glad I did.  After about 8 weeks, my lashes  are way LONGER and FULLER. I have gotten to the point that I’m so impressed, I go mascara free, which is something I would have NEVER done before.  This product really does deliver on every level.  I apply it at night after I wash my face. Just a quick swipe across the upper lash line (the same way you’d apply liquid mascara) and I also put some on my lower lash line.  It dries quickly and has no smell to it.  I would defiantly recommend purchasing it.  It’s a little pricy, but the results are so impressive I feel it’s totally worth the money.  So that’s my review on Lash Boost! You can it purchase from Roden + Fields website!

Author: The cute thrifty girl

Bargain shopping addict. I live for thrift stores and old vintage items. Chippy and unique are my fave! I'm learning different styling trends and loving it. I'm a poshmark freak... I sell and buy, because I just love a good bargain!

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