Honest Beauty 

I’m super excited about the Honest Beauty products.  I’ve tried many of them, and I love them ALL… but today I’m talking about the replenishing mist.  I use it throughout the day, starting in the morning before I put on my makeup.  This gives my skin a nice hyderated feel and the smell is wonderful.  I use it again as needed, usually in the afternoon right before I touch up my makeup. It seems to just perk me up, and the moisture is great for my skin.  A couple of spritz is all that’s needed.  This product is so great because it can be sprayed on before you put on makeup, or after you put on makeup.  Either way the benefits are the same.  The Honest Beauty products are all natural, so I know my face is being treated well.  I would highly recommend this product, it’s a favorite of mine now….and definitely one I can’t live without!!

Author: The cute thrifty girl

Bargain shopping addict. I live for thrift stores and old vintage items. Chippy and unique are my fave! I'm learning different styling trends and loving it. I'm a poshmark freak... I sell and buy, because I just love a good bargain!

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