My obsession with fashion is real. I love buying new clothes and being able to sell the things I no longer wear. Poshmark has allowed me to do that and I’m always shocked at the deals I come across… for example, today I received my Tory Burch flip flops in the mail. They were brand new (never worn) and I paid $10 for them. That’s a total steal! I’ve also scored on sunglasses, purses, wallets, jewelry and all kinds of other loot. If you love name brand items for CHEAP as much as I do, check out Poshmark! Also, I have my own personal page. Check it out… I look at reasonable offers on all my items, and I have some really cool things.😊Here’s the link!


Author: The cute thrifty girl

Bargain shopping addict. I live for thrift stores and old vintage items. Chippy and unique are my fave! I'm learning different styling trends and loving it. I'm a poshmark freak... I sell and buy, because I just love a good bargain!

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