What am I even doing?

I have been obsessed with some of these farmhouse bloggers, decorators, and designers lately.  I love how they can just throw together and style a room and consistently keep it going, drawing me back in to see what they’ve done next.  I don’t have a vintage farmhouse and I don’t have nearly the decor or style most of them have,  but I’m learning.  It’s something I really love and I think I can be good at it.  Re-painting old frames or vases and being creative with styling is my thing,…though as I’m decorating, I often wonder “what am I even doing?”…I’m always pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  So I’ve decided to step out my comfort zone (of being anti-social 😜) and document some of my little creations.  I’m a goodwill addict…I found this plant stand, painted it with a chippy look, added a cute metal flower pot, and these pretty white flowers (I have no clue what kind of flowers they are …see I’m still learning) and $5 later, this is what I have.  I love it!❤️